Heidi Ortiz

Assistant Property Manager, Determined Doe-Eyes

What the team says:

Heidi is sweet with gentle eyes, and at the same time is intelligent and strong-minded. She does not just get the job done; she gets it done right.  You don’t mess with Heidi (just like her mama, Sabrina)!

Why listen to her?

Prior to joining our team, Heidi was a Property Manager at Diamond Development for two years. Her tasks there included managing commercial properties, facilitating accounting, assisting with sales and acquisitions, and coordinating development projects.

Today, she assists in managing a portfolio of industrial, office, and retail commercial properties. Heidi’s daily tasks include developing good relationships with tenants, assisting with property budgeting, and overseeing lease administration.

Heidi was born and raised near downtown San Diego where she later attended the University of California, San Diego and earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science.

Good things to know:

Heidi enjoys traveling, reading, and learning new languages. Heidi has a bright and spirited nine-year-old daughter whose ability to spell supercalifragilisticexpialidocious was relied upon in the typing of this sentence.

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